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Every day is an opportunity to come up with an iconic design like this "Rubber Duckie".
Slide Product In a world where design meets functionality and the bounding box is quite defined, it is a challenge to come up with something flashy but also sensible in terms of engineering. Slide Branding Creating a brand is always exciting and challenging. But it becomes even more special when the project is for one of the greatest athletes in the history of cycling.

#mrparisroubaix #fivemonuments
Slide Web Keep control over brand identity from product to web. Choose the right platform and expand to marketing, from social to advertising. Slide 3D Make my ideas come alive in 3D.
I either draw the product myself or I cooperate with the manufacturer to reduce development costs.

#solidedge #solidworks
Slide 2D Make my ideas come alive in 2D.
Using the software tools at the max to create imagery that sits close to reality.

#adobecreative #illustrator #photoshop
Slide Apparel Soft goods, with a preference for technological features and for an active application.

#rideseducci #trueseamless #dryarn